Welcome To New Life Housing!


New Life Housing helps our clients to stop paying rent and to own their own property. With many different creative financing options available to fit YOUR situation. New Life Housing offers credit counseling and restoration, finance management and housing placement. We also educate our clients on budgeting, how credit works, mortgages and much more. NLH offers something that most lenders do not. Your credit is restored while you are living in your new home.


You are buying while your credit score is climbing.

What is stopping you? 

What about my credit?  Can I afford a house ?  Should I wait to purchase?  I don’t understand what I need to do to become a home owner.



The staff at New Life Housing is available Monday-Friday from 09:30am- 5pm. The office is conveniently located at 750 Lakeside Drive SuiteB (across the street from Summer Classics Patio Shop) If you have any questions regarding our services please call us at (251) 382-1117.


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